COVID-19: What you need to know and how Patina can help

We designed Patina with your total health and well-being in mind. By coming to you in your home virtually and in-person, we’re able to deliver care that is more convenient and safe for you.

Anyone from Patina who enters your home will be fully vaccinated. We adhere to very strict protocols based on the latest CDC guidance. We will be masked and perform a daily self-screening for any symptoms.

Here are some commonly asked questions:


What protection will Patina team members wear in my home?
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Every Patina team member will wear a face mask for the entire visit. In addition, they will wear protective gear that includes N95 masks, gowns, and eye protection if patients have any signs or symptoms of COVID.

Do I have to wear a mask if you come to my home?
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Yes, we ask that everyone present in your home wear a face covering during the visit. To keep as many people in our community as safe as possible, we are only visiting homes where everyone present wears a face covering. If you or anyone in your home cannot wear a face covering please let us know and we will come up with a way to safely address your needs.

Why does Patina ask a lot of questions when I’m scheduling a visit?
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We like to get as much information as possible to both prepare for your care and to be good guests in your home. We ask questions about potential COVID symptoms so that we are prepared to wear the proper COVID personal protective equipment.

What are my options if all the people in my home can’t wear a mask?
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If the weather is good and you agree, we can arrange to meet with you outdoors. We can also reschedule the visit to another day or time when it would work for everyone to wear face coverings.

What do you wear if patients have COVID?
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If there is a home visit with a patient who is confirmed or suspected to have COVID, we will wear personal protective equipment like gowns, N95 respirators, and face shields.

What if I’m feeling sick and I want a home visit?
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We want to help you! We will first connect you directly to our Primary Care Practitioner on the phone or on a video visit. This will help us get information as quickly as possible and, together, we will create a plan for treatment. That might mean lab work, a medication prescription or another visit. If we need to arrange for an in-home visit then we will discuss it at that time and make a plan.

Will you give me a COVID vaccine or booster shot?
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We are not administering COVID vaccine or booster shots at this time. Please contact us and we can help you locate a nearby community facility or pharmacy. Vaccines are the best way to limit getting sick and reduce COVID symptoms if there are breakthrough infections.