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Every day, we’re humbled by the feedback from patients who express their delight – and gratitude – for our services, telling us Patina is the care they’d always wished they had but didn’t know existed.


“Jamie has made me believe again. I am very satisfied with the care I have received since joining Patina in November. I finally believe someone cares about me and my health and takes the time to go over things with me. I have recommended Patina to many people.” 



“I'm amazed at how much they are in contact with me…In a medical world where making an appointment can mean a wait of weeks, they are available. The use of Health Champions really adds a lot. They helped with getting an appointment with a specialist.” 



“Patina is perfect for me. Their staff is very professional and spends time with you to get to know you as a person and not just a patient.” 



“So happy I found this practice. No more stressing on how to get to see medical practitioners. If needed, help is just a call away! I have had to call on the holiday twice and was able to connect without any problem. What a relief!” 



“Not only did Val and Michelle meet the needs of the reason for my outreach, but expanded the conversation to make sure all of my needs or possible needs were discussed, and where possible, a plan put in place. I am a true convert to this more personalized and responsive option for care.” 



“Michelle, like the rest of the staff at Patina, are focused on 65+ patients. She was accessible which is a great feature of this practice, listens, is empathetic and values your time. She is proactive if there are issues or potential issues, maintains contact to assure you are well or healing and monitors you. We are very pleased with Michelle and all the staff at Patina.”  



“We are so grateful we found Patina to care for our mom! She is 98 years old and can't [go] out for doctor visits. Patina offers the personal care she needs to keep healthy and well. Kathy Hill shows excellent care and concern for her.” 



“A remarkable thing about Patina is a culture of listening to the patient. It seems to be automatic. They don't interrupt. They listen. If you speak, they wait and listen. It's quite remarkable. In a culture where we are told that medical evaluations are generally made in the first thirty seconds, someone actually listens. The use of the Health Champions is also a real positive, responding immediately and/or smoothing appointments to specialists. Patina seems to have a culture that expects to be in touch with the patient whether it's a small question or a major problem. It's a new style of primary health care since so much is virtual. I've been a patient for about a year. This year we will do some traveling but since care is generally virtual (but not always), Patina will be with us where ever we are. I say check it out.” 

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“I really love my nurse practitioner Katie and the rest of the team, JC and Ruth. They are very, very pleasant and very helpful –  very kind overall, just very good people that help me when I need them. Thank you Patina Team.” 



“Quick appointments. I was well attended to, listened to, and respected.” 



“I have only had my first at home visit so far but it was very thorough and went very well. They even set me up with home visits from a podiatrist, blood testing service and eye care group.” 



“I have had visits from my PCP and a nurse for my annual physical exam. When I call with a question, I get a return call with an answer the same day. This is great service. I could not ask for more.” 



Kathy was attentive and kind, as well as being able to listen to my questions and concerns.



“The visit was patient-centered, professional, and comprehensive! It was a welcome change in its holistic and respectful approach!” 



“I highly recommend Patina PCP healthcare which provides personalized care using the technology available! You do NOT need to be tech savvy! Their team supports you through every phase of the process. There is NO RISK  in considering making this change! I met with the Patina PCP team, with all my questions, before ever signing up. Choosing Patina has been the right decision for my health care needs!” 



“It’s easy to communicate. I really like the fact that you come to me and I don’t have to wonder who sat in the chair before me at my doctors office, not only in the waiting room but in the office too. When I hurt my back in Feb, I called in the morning and was able to get an appointment that afternoon. You’re always on time too.” 

C. Ward


“The ability to have virtual appointments is not only convenient but saves me a lot of time.” 



“Everyone at Patina Health is so nice and caring. They are always available if you need them 24/7. I ABSOLUTELY recommend them!!” 

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"Excellent! Katie is knowledgeable and caring."



“Felt very comfortable and confident after our Patina visit that my mother is in good hands and will be well-taken care of. Thank you.” 



“Keep doing your incredible service.”



"Like the idea of multi person interaction. All very caring and will always contact within 24 hrs."


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