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Patients share how Patina is delivering a better healthcare experience

Finally being heard: Mark Pinsky

Frustrated by providers who didn’t take the time to listen, Mark Pinsky now enjoys healthcare that meets his needs – and keeps up with his active lifestyle. "I had one doctor after another, and I always felt like they were seeing me again for the first time," he says. "With Patina, I feel seen and heard."

Patricia Early
Toward the world beyond: Patricia Early

Diagnosed with a multitude of chronic autoimmune disorders as well as lymphedema, Pat is grateful for the Patina team that monitors and coordinates her care. "I have a really complicated medical history," Pat says. "I don't know what I'd do without them."

Louise Brooks
Purple rain: Louise Brooks
When searching for a new primary care provider who truly listened to her needs, Louise Brooks turned to the Patina care team. “Nothing is ever too small for Patina,” Louise says. “Nothing I say to them makes me feel stupid. I have never been this happy with my healthcare.”
Dave Hansel
Glass half full: Dave Hansel
Thanks to the flexibility and convenience of virtual care, Dave Hansel enjoys an active lifestyle where the Patina care team stays connected to him – wherever he goes. “Patina takes a totally different approach,” he says, “and I couldn’t be happier with it.”
Arun Patel
A life lived in full: Arun Patel
When his wife suddenly passed away, Arun Patel turned to Patina to help take care of his health – receiving care when he needs it, as he needs it, with a very personal touch. Soon entering his second year with Patina, Arun sees the company as indispensable.
Phyllis Stickney
Paying it forward: Phyllis Stickney
After a lifetime of giving back to her students and community, Phyllis Stickney now relies on the Patina team to support her care needs, saying, “I feel like the whole team knows me and has my best interests at heart.”
Warren Gilbert
Shades of blue: Warren Gilbert
When Warren Gilbert needed a new primary care doctor, he turned to Patina to provide complex care support on his terms. “No more driving to doctor’s offices and sitting in waiting rooms in intense pain,” he says. “No more meeting with people who didn’t understand.”