Informed and involved: Anna’s story 

A retired grandmother and avid fan of British television shows, diamond painting, and spending time with her large family, 72 year-old Anna Batten is actively involved in managing her health. Though she was always prepared for visits with her doctor – researching her concerns, bringing questions about her health needs and possible treatments – she started to feel invisible and like “just another faceless number” after the practice was absorbed into a large health system.  

Anna went in search of a new primary care practice that would take the time to know her and address her concerns. She found that level of attention in Patina, saying, “This is very different from my prior experience but in a good way. There are so many benefits to becoming a Patina patient, but one of the best parts is how the team truly cares about YOU. I'm very thankful to have found them.” 

 Read on to learn more about Anna’s experience with Patina. 

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How does Patina differ from your previous primary care experience?

My former PCP knew me and listened, but then things changed. I began to feel invisible. Office visits became fifteen-minute ‘stop-ins’. I could see he was always feeling rushed. He had no time to even look at me because the fifteen minutes had to be recorded into the electronic charts now being used. He sat and typed while I explained why I was there. There was no way he could pay attention, which seemed dangerous to me. You either misunderstand or miss something completely.  

Patina is different. Appointments are set up at my convenience and yearly wellness visits can be scheduled in my own home – no need to drive anywhere, deal with traffic, or pay to park! I can have anyone I want to sit in on a visit because it’s virtual or via phone. And the 24/7 access to a nurse practitioner is so valuable should the need ever arise.  

There are so many benefits to becoming a Patina patient, but one of the best parts is how the team truly cares about you. 

Do you have an example that demonstrates this?

Patina is wonderful with offering various choices to improve my physical and mental well-being. My care team shares all kinds of information. I do hand yoga now every day because my PCP (Michelle Lu) recommended it. As a result, I can now continue doing my favorite craft, diamond painting. Michelle sent me a link to a YouTube channel for the exercise. I didn’t have to leave my house — no driving, no looking for parking, no wasted time. And the YouTube lessons are free!  

That's Patina – it’s more than just clinical care. They know me and often make suggestions like that that let me keep doing what I love. My former doctor would have had no idea. Patina staff really listen and care about YOU! 

What’s it like to work virtually with your care team?

So convenient and gives me peace of mind that they’re always there for me. I'm 72 and pretty healthy. But I have my issues. I get aches and pains and don't feel like moving as much, so maybe I don’t want to leave home to go to the doctor. 

I can ask a question and they respond really quickly. I love having easy access and talk to my health champion Val pretty regularly. Who else can say that about their doctor? I also love that they come to me.  What if it’s snowing or bad weather and I don’t want to drive?  What if there’s traffic?  What if it’s hard to park or maybe it costs money?  The whole idea of them being able to come to the home was really a selling point for me. 

What were your first interactions like?

Everyone I met with was really kind and compassionate – so genuine. They were not phony at all. They really cared. During my initial visit, one of the first things Michelle said to me was, "Anna, I've got your records." I was shocked because they took care of it for me, and so quickly. And she said, "What's most important to you right now? Where do we want to start with you? What do you want to do?" This set the stage for our future discussions and dealing with some of my health concerns. Some were bigger than others, but we focused on my priorities. I really like that. 

What do you value the most from Patina?

Aside from the level of interaction, I do feel that there's a higher degree of compassion. When I first became a patient, there was a questionnaire where we talked about who I am, my interests, etc. So that dovetails into their ability to monitor you. It's one of those things – if you don't know the people, you can't see that. It feels nice to be seen for who you are rather than just a person walking into an office.

"It’s so easy to work with Patina. And so convenient, which gives me peace of mind that they’re always there for me. Maybe I don’t want to leave home to go to the doctor. I can ask a question and they respond quickly. I love having easy access and talking to my Patina health champion Val regularly. Who else can say that about their doctor?"


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