Looking after your total health and well-being

Looking after your total health and well-being


Patina goes beyond what you typically experience in a primary care practice. We establish trusting relationships with our patients through a care team that stays with you over time, supporting your total health and well-being through a comprehensive, age-friendly approach that includes medical care as well as care navigation, coordination and advocacy. Our goal is to transform the healthcare experience for older adults, providing care on your terms and at your convenience.

We care deeply about everything that’s happening in our patients’ lives and what impacts your health. Habits, lifestyle, and behaviors often tie into not just your physical health, but your mental health as well. That’s why all of our patients have access to a behavioral health consultant on their care team. 

Read on to see how we support our patients’ total health and well-being.

What is a behavioral health consultant?

All of our patients have access to a behavioral health consultant (BHC) on their care team. The BHC works closely with your Patina primary care practitioner (PCP) to help you reach your health-related goals. This includes helping you with emotional or behavioral health issues, including (but not limited to) challenges that often impact the aging process such as insomnia, stress, adjustment to illness, caregiver burnout, and managing complex medical conditions. 

BHCs are psychologists or social workers who are trained to work on integrated primary care teams to help address behaviors, thoughts, emotions, and social / environmental factors that affect health and well-being.

Who is Patina’s behavioral health consultant?

Monika Downey, PhD, MSCP is Patina’s behavioral health consultant. She’ll partner with you and your care team to help you reach the goals that you and your PCP decide are the most important, including navigating and managing the barriers that may prevent you from living an empowered life.

You can read more about Dr. Downey’s training and background here.  

What will the visit be like?

If you’d benefit from meeting with a behavioral health consultant, we might get started with a video visit. This is accessed via the Patina patient app online or through a mobile device, e.g., tablet or smartphone. During the appointment, you and Dr. Downey will decide together how she can best support you, including how many visits may be needed. You can meet anywhere from one to six times, depending on your goals. Visits are usually 30 minutes. 

You don’t have to do anything to prepare for the visit – just show up and decide if it seems right for you! Best of all, there’s no extra cost. We provide a behavioral health consultant as a complimentary part of your care.

Is this like seeing a therapist?

Although a BHC is typically trained as a psychologist or social worker, the role is very different from what you may think of as traditional therapy. Instead, a BHC supports your specific goals. They may also help you think through difficult situations that are impacting your life. The main difference is that visits with a BHC are more like coaching. If you would rather have longer-term psychotherapy, let your BHC know and they will help connect you to a local therapist.

What kinds of things will we work on?

You may decide on a plan for managing your health, addressing insomnia, losing weight, quitting smoking, or making lifestyle changes for a better quality of life. Sometimes, you may talk about life stress, depression, grief, adjusting to growing old, or other difficult things that can be a normal part of aging. 

BHCs can help you adhere to your care plan, such as taking medications as prescribed or making specific dietary changes. Patients experiencing behavioral health conditions or symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, irritability, or anger may benefit from working with a BHC. Even people with chronic medical conditions such as chronic pain, hypertension, or diabetes can work with BHCs to improve symptoms, functioning, and quality of life.

You deserve a better healthcare experience – one that addresses your medical, psychological and social care needs. Focusing on the ‘whole person’ is how we care for all of our patients. Don’t be shy about expressing your needs to your care team. We’re here to support you!