Patina: Delivering the healthcare experience adults 65+ deserve

Patina is primary care purpose-built for adults 65+, delivering the healthcare and aging experience you deserve. Unlike a typical primary care practice that can feel rushed and impersonal, we really get to know you and understand what matters most. You’ll have a relationship with a dedicated team who stays with you over time, supports your total health and well-being, and helps you anticipate and address the issues that are a natural part of aging. We’ll also coordinate with specialists, help with care navigation and take on the legwork, simplifying the process so you can focus on living your best life. With Patina, accessing care is convenient and comes to you through virtual and in-home visits – no more driving, parking and waiting in a crowded office. All at the same costs you pay for primary care under most Medicare plans in the Philadelphia and Charlotte areas. Watch the video to learn more!

After watching, call us at 855-478-8310 or continue exploring our website to learn more about primary care with Patina.