Finally, healthcare that
puts you first.

Tired of settling for healthcare that feels rushed and impersonal? You deserve better. At Patina, we see aging differently. That’s why we created a primary care experience that puts you at the center of a team devoted to helping you live and age well. We are currently a primary care provider for people 65+ in the Philadelphia area, but will be expanding to other markets soon.

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Primary care just for adults 65+

What happens when healthcare revolves around you?

Your needs and health goals are prioritized. With Patina, you are the leader of a team devoted to helping you live your best life. Led by your primary care practitioner, your team will work together to address your total health needs.

You get continuity of care. Imagine the same care team that knows you and your health needs. No more repeating your story to different doctors. Instead, get consistency of care that is a real relationship.

You get time back to do more of the things you love. Spend less time traveling to doctor’s offices. Less time stuck on-hold. Patina reduces the burden and increases time for the things you enjoy most.

You have access to total support, online and off. Imagine the same care team that knows you and your health needs. No more repeating your story to different doctors. Instead, get consistency of care that is a real relationship.With Patina’s easy-to-use mobile app, you can reach your primary care team on-demand, the same way you stay in touch with friends and family. Ask questions, get advice or schedule your next visit.

You get your very own health champion. Your Patina health champion is your “go-to” person for all aspects of your health. It’s like having your own personal quarterback to coordinate care and simplify the administrative details.

You receive great care from the comfort of home. Or wherever you travel. Stay home. Travel. We’ll meet you where you are so you can avoid long waits and crowded clinics with sick patients. We’ll come to you through virtual visits and, when appropriate, in-person visits to your home.

All this. And the benefits
of your health plan network.

At no extra cost to you.

With Patina, you have access to specialists and services from across your current health plan network. That means you:

Keep your Rx plan and benefits

Keep the specialists within your current network
– or get referrals to other appropriate specialists as needed.

Keep all the benefits of your plan: Labwork, imaging, hospitalization, PT, transportation and more, depending on your plan.

Patina is offered to individuals in Philadelphia and surrounding counties at no additional cost from participating Medicare Advantage plans. Hear more about the announcement.

We’re continuing to expand, so click here to stay in touch.

We listened.
And then we designed our model.

We asked hundreds of adults over 65 and their trusted loved ones about their healthcare and aging experiences. Then we designed our model based on what people value most:

A primary care team tailored to my unique needs and values

The ease of having one place to go for all of my health-related needs

A dedicated care team that takes the time to know me

Help with care coordination

Access to my care team any time and in the convenience of my home

A personalized care plan that evolves with me as my needs change

Proactive engagement of my family and loved ones

Easy-to-use technology that helps me stay engaged

Hear what others said they wanted in their care:

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