Raising the bar: Steve’s story 

A lifelong musician with a variety of hobbies and interests, 70 year old Steve Solotist shows no signs of slowing down in his retirement. Between building plastic models, watching hockey games and his favorite sci-fi and military shows, and playing guitar live with the Philly Blues Kings, this former HVAC applications engineer has exacting standards for what good healthcare looks like – and doesn’t have time to waste.  

After becoming frustrated with his former primary care provider, who was increasingly inaccessible and unresponsive, Steve turned to Patina. His experience as a Patina patient is highlighted below. 

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What were your expectations, if any, of your former primary care practitioner (PCP)?

My expectations were accessibility to care and good clinical outcomes and evaluations. I expected that my PCP was a good clinician, and a degree of thoroughness because usually I was only visiting with her when there was an issue or for regularly scheduled physicals. I also expected accessibility, which changed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It became a lot harder to get a sick visit and to schedule regular appointments. There was a 3-month wait time to get a physical. I began to feel edged out – maybe her patient census had gone up too high and she no longer had the time to spend with me?

What's your experience been like with Patina?

I was skeptical at first when making the switch to Patina primary care…would it live up to my expectations? But I took a leap of faith and it has paid off. The accessibility and proactivity of the care team, in combination with their focus on adults 65+, is where Patina really shines. The only other way to find this degree of interactivity is to pay thousands of dollars for a concierge doctor – and Patina offers the same accessibility of a concierge practice for no extra cost. It’s a diamond in the rough! 

What are your thoughts on the technology elements of care with Patina?

That's easy – care is a slam dunk. We typically do video visits. I use both the mobile app and my computer depending on where I am or what the purpose of the contact is. I appreciate the flexibility.

I primarily use my laptop just because the keyboard function is larger and easier vs. my mobile phone. The app itself is also easy. I just sent a message to my health champion Luis this morning that I needed a renewal on one of my meds because the renewal from the prescription from my prior PCP ran out. He's getting in touch with Michelle (my current Patina PCP) to take care of it.  

How does Patina differ from your previous primary care experience?

I think it goes back to proactivity. There's a high degree of interaction and proactivity, and that's different from what I’ve seen before. I see someone a few times a year – one full physical, go over blood work every six months, but there’s ongoing monitoring. Patina stays on top of you – they really shoulder that responsibility.  Plus, I’m in touch with them for more day-to-day, simple needs – renewals, maybe some questions about some symptoms I’m having, or if I’m not feeling well.

My PCP Michelle and the team have become familiar with me, so they'll be able to see declines in my cognitive abilities, and changes in mood, personality, and behavior. And I think in this age group, that's really, really important because we know things might go a little south, but sometimes decline happens very slowly. A clinician who's a gerontologist is going to notice the decline so then they'll be able to put in place some safeguards or recommend some courses of action for care.

What do you value the most from your relationship with Patina?

I would say, at this point for me, it's accessibility and the clinical expertise focused on the age group. As I continue to be a patient, if things happen or I decline, I'm sure that there will be more interaction. Right now, I'm doing okay and know they’re there when I need them.

I also like that they pay close attention. They’re reviewing notes from our visits, they’re checking in and reminding me if I need a test or lab work. I value how they stay on top of my preventative care.

Do you feel that you are living well and thriving under the care of Patina?

Yeah. Since becoming a Patina patient, I’m much more relaxed. I don’t have to drive into the city to see my PCP. I don’t have to worry about trying to get a sick appointment and I don’t have to wait days just to get a callback. That’s a lot of burdens that have been lifted and I’m truly grateful.

What does it mean to have your own dedicated care team?

It puts me at ease. I'm relaxed because I have confidence in the team. I have confidence my health champion Luis is coordinating with the rest of the team. I have confidence in the clinical ability and responsiveness of everybody – both Michelle, my PCP, and Irene, my nurse champion. And I'm confident that if I needed an onsite visit where they could listen to my heart or something, that would happen.

What would you say to people about Patina?

If there's any hesitation they should take the leap of faith because I did and I'm fussy! I’ve always had great accessibility to care – I know good docs and bad docs from my own personal experience. I have high standards when it comes to your health and am very happy with my care.

"The only other way to find this degree of interactivity is to pay thousands of dollars for a concierge doctor — and Patina offers the same accessibility of a concierge practice for no extra cost."

Steve Soloist

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